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Definition of the first deposit bonus

The first Casino Canada deposit bonus, or welcome bonus, is a promotion that is given by the casino operators to new players. This bonus is usually given in the form of cash, and is subject to an initial deposit of money from you. The bonus is added to the amount of your deposit, but it is subject to special terms that you should understand.

Welcome Bonus: a formidable marketing weapon

Online casinos are engaged in a war without mercy on the internet. To increase their popularity and profits, they do not hesitate to engage in a bidding war with bonuses and offers of all kinds left, right and center. The welcome bonus is currently very effective in getting new players.
Apparently, 75% of players choose their casino based on their welcome bonus. It is “the” main criterion in their choice of site(s). We strongly recommend that you carefully read the rules associated with the various bonuses offered by the operator, but that you also take into account other factors such as:
whether the operator is licensed or not,
whether the operator is member of an independent audit group such as eCogra or not,
the availability or their customer service (how easy it is to reach, the hours at which it can be reached, the languages ​​it speaks)
whether or not it requires you to download software to your computer to be able to play,
whether or not you can play from your mobile phone,
and so on.
This list is not exhaustive. You need to decide which criteria are most important to you, and make your decision based on these.
As we already mentioned, most players choose their site based on the proposed bonus. They particularly look at its amount. The bigger, the better. That’s why some online casinos do not hesitate to display bonuses of several thousand dollars on their home page.

What do you think of a bonus of $5,000 versus a bonus of $200?

You are certainly more “attracted” to the bonus of $5,000. But, if you look closely at the conditions attached to these bonuses, it is more likely that you will benefit from the $200 bonus than from the $5,000 one. Explanation: the conditions to withdraw the bonus of $5,000 will, in all likelihood, be exaggerated compared to those for the bonus of $200. Do not consider the amount of the bonus by itself, look carefully at the conditions that you’ll need to meet in order to be able to eventually convert the bonus into real money and withdraw it from your account.
Again, it’s up to you to decide what is acceptable or not. But if you take the playthrough as a criterion, for example, the smaller the playthrough, the better your chances of converting your bonus into money eventually. So you’ll want to choose a playthrough of 10x over a playthrough of 30x. But always read carefully the terms attached to the bonuses. Not only do these vary from one casino operator to the next, but they may also vary depending on the game you play. With some casino operators, the conditions apply to the amount of the bonus only, but with others, these conditions apply to both the amount of the bonus and the amount of the deposit. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, read carefully the rules posted by the online operators with regard to their bonuses.